Outdoor Billboards – Rush n Roulette?

Is your company brand or logo beloved by the public?  You have tried the outdoor billboards, paying top dollar to be as close to downtown as you possibly can.  A sure hit or miss, driving past at 60 mph, but there’s always rush-hour traffic you can rely on? Maybe?  How much are you paying for this rush-n-roulette outdoor advertising?  More than $7,000 per month to rent the billboard?

  • How much are you paying production?
  • Your creative team?  Your artist?  Website? Social network guru’s? The list goes on!

These things add up, campaign budget gone, hoping you nailed it in the bag!!!!!!

What if I could share with you a new hot way to brand your company message, and be seen by thousands upon thousands of people in the biggest market in America?  TURN HEADS WITH PEDICABS AND SCORE!!!! SCORE BIG!!!

I’m talking NFL football fans, MLB baseball fans, NBA basketball fans, Spring Break College Students, Families, Businessmen, Businesswomen, Grandparents, Parents, Children, Teenagers, Tourists, MLB Baseball Players, NFL football Coaches, Handicapped, Disabled Veterans….

Market to all these people!!!! To advertise outdoors in Texas contact GirlRilla Advertising  create your campaign today!

Your logo seen by thousands upon thousands of people at eye-level.