Win or Lose BikeCabs Make you Smile

Bikecabs also called Pedicabs, or rickshaws are becoming more and familiar to people going to sporting events, festivals and community affairs.
Lone Star BikeCab,10 years in the business is leading the way for pedicab companies nation-wide.
Not only are they friendly to the environment, bikecabs are people magnets, putting a smile on our fans through out the entire year!



TCU at AT&T Stadium

Losing ……..

Bikecabs make you Smile!


BikeCabs will make sure and get your customers to their desired destination, leaving them with a smile from ear to ear.


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Pedicab Texas – Unique Advertising

Billboards attached to pedal cabs, or pedicabs, are visible to pedestrians at amazing events!
The difference with pedicabs, is they are sitting at eye level. It’s not like driving past a billboard on the interstate at 60mph.  The pedicab driver’s are in constant circulation, so the chance of seeing them three or four times a day is likely.

Creating life-lasting memories they will never forget.


Pedicab Advertising now available in Arlington, Texas.

Design an effective ad campaign and brand ten pedicabs.

Be seen by
DFW market
Texas Ranger Fans
MLB Baseball

We get your customers to the front door of the Ballpark.

3 Month Campaigns now available.

Design your message, and be seen by enthusiastic fans in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington Texas!

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Who is your Market?

1) Who’s Your Market?

One of our biggest markets:


Let’s start with the basics.

Who are baseball fans? Ages: 1-101  Interests and likes: BASEBALL, SPORTS, FOOD, FAMILY, TRADITION

We could write a 100 page essay on the profile of baseball fans!

Minute Maid

Baseball is an American Tradition!

You can see with the “Opening Day” game of Houston Astros vs Texas Rangers, it will be a Crowd Pleaser.

Red – White – Blue everywhere!!! It will be the Fourth of July in March.

So March 31, 2013 you will have Texas Rangers fans, Houston Astros fans at Minute Maid Park.

Location: Minute Maid Park
501 Crawford Houston, Texas

2) Choose your Pedicab Company:

GirlRilla Advertising chooses:

Lone Star BikeCAB

Texas Official Pedicab Company, who has run numerous campaigns, has great client history, established in 2003, is a professional pedicab company.

Pedicabs need to be insured and licensed with the city.

Do not contract a  pedicab company, with no client history, no insurance on the pedicabs, and unsafe drivers. Be secure with your advertising spending, and be confident with the company who is representing you!!

Think Green! Think Texas!

Pedicabs are green, mobile, marketing platforms.  The unique ability to saturate a multitude of markets makes us the leader in guerrilla advertising.

CAMPAIGNS NOW AVAILABLE! Contact to start your campaign.

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Outdoor Billboards – Rush n Roulette?

Is your company brand or logo beloved by the public?  You have tried the outdoor billboards, paying top dollar to be as close to downtown as you possibly can.  A sure hit or miss, driving past at 60 mph, but there’s always rush-hour traffic you can rely on? Maybe?  How much are you paying for this rush-n-roulette outdoor advertising?  More than $7,000 per month to rent the billboard?

  • How much are you paying production?
  • Your creative team?  Your artist?  Website? Social network guru’s? The list goes on!

These things add up, campaign budget gone, hoping you nailed it in the bag!!!!!!

What if I could share with you a new hot way to brand your company message, and be seen by thousands upon thousands of people in the biggest market in America?  TURN HEADS WITH PEDICABS AND SCORE!!!! SCORE BIG!!!

I’m talking NFL football fans, MLB baseball fans, NBA basketball fans, Spring Break College Students, Families, Businessmen, Businesswomen, Grandparents, Parents, Children, Teenagers, Tourists, MLB Baseball Players, NFL football Coaches, Handicapped, Disabled Veterans….

Market to all these people!!!! To advertise outdoors in Texas contact GirlRilla Advertising  create your campaign today!

Your logo seen by thousands upon thousands of people at eye-level.