Lights in the Heights- Best Holiday Party in Houston


“Lights in the Heights began 26 years ago as a neighborhood holiday festival of music and open houses along Bayland Avenue and Norhill Esplanade.” (Learn more about this holiday event at )

This is a free event which attracts over 50,000 people in one evening, they stroll the streets listening to musical performances, looking at light displays,  indulging in holiday treats while creating fun memories with friends and family.

The city start closing off streets around 5pm and open back up at 9pm. There is no parking allowed on the closed streets.

As written here: “Once you arrive at Lights in the Heights, you’ll be able to enjoy a mostly car-free zone on foot. However, parking and arriving can require patience…(” 365 Things to do in Houston” )

Most people attending the event that live near or in the heights will carpool or bicycle in towards the neighborhood.
Lone Star BikeCab provides transportation on the public streets helping people get back and forth to their cars or meeting destinations from their carpooling. Here we are cycling past lines of cars driving in towards event. If you look closely, you will see a taxi cab in the front of the car line.

The pedicabs work as a personal valet getting people from point A to point B, giving people the opportunity and comfort to park a longer distance away or to carpool in.

The blue LED underlights on the blue vinyl wrapped bikecabs with “Uncle Bob’s Self Storage” sponsorship makes Lone Star BikeCab stand out, highly visible to oncoming car traffic and pedestrians walking to the event!

Lone Star Bikecab, a Houston Local Business is known by the public, and greatly appreciated at festivals like “Lights in the Heights”

We look forward to serving you in Houston 2014!


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