Lone Star BikeCAB : Up Close and Personal

You can’t put a price on emotional branding!
Patrons remember taking a ride on a “megabus.com bike” after attending the “Cotton Bowl” held at the mecca of stadiums: “Cowboy’s Stadium” in Arlington, Texas.

megabus.com (DFW Market)


Lone Star BikeCab captures the imagination and enthusiasm of the public.

UP CLOSE and Personal:
Pedicab driver is having a conversation with the patrons, telling them about “Moody Garden’s Festival of Lights” which is branded on the back and side panels of the pedicabs at this exclusive event:


Friendly Driver assisting customers

Houston, Arlington, Galveston target audiences: Campaigns Now Available!!
MLB Houston Astros
MLB Texas Rangers
NFL Houston Texans
NFL Dallas Cowboys
NCAA football
Other exclusive events and festivals are not listed. Please contact me by email for inquiries regarding Lone StarBikeCAB events.

please visit www.lonestarbikecab.com


2 thoughts on “Lone Star BikeCAB : Up Close and Personal

  1. Advertising on transportation is great at putting billboards where there are no billboards. Off beat and fun. Great to see the support of Megabus supporting a local business. Great ad!

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